Sophet Drahas

Aspiring Copper Concordian - rumored to be a brain in a jar.


If ever seen, tales abound of a glass, cylindrical jar, holding a brain and set of eyeballs afloat in a viscous fluid emanating a pale green light.


Sophet Drahas is one of the four aspiring Copper Concordians hoping to ascend to Silver.

Drahas has never been seen, and is rumored to be a brain in a jar, known for powers to dominate and control others, and otherwise wreak psychic havoc on those who challenge him (her/it?)

Another rumor contends the brain is that of a mind flayer of the former triumverate of cephlopod headed monstrosities – the Abraxis Penumbra, a group of slavers whose recent gladitorial arena in Acheron was destroyed after a slave revolt erupted during a daring slave/gladiator escape gambit.

Sophet Drahas

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