Sarys Valdur (deceased?)

A bitchy medusa (are there any other kind?) - was a Silver Concordian until her severed left hand found its way to the inner vaults of the Aurum....


A picture is worth a thousand words.


A Silver Concordian rumored to be dead (her severed left hand was found in the inventory of Teezle – her former doppleganger agent who was trying to use the limp limb to bypass security protocols in the inner chambers of the Aurum).

But who knows, concordians have been known to do stranger things than merely severing their own limbs – though the magics ritually infused in concordians grant access past arcane portals (IF that concordian is alive) – who knows, maybe just the hand is dead and the remaining parts are still fine and kicking…

Oh, and is is rumored that Sarys has a brother medusa man who is some hotshot assassin…

Sarys Valdur (deceased?)

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