Baron Sanguine March

Self absorbed delusional despot ready to resume his natural mantle of tyrant in Karnaath


Very smart. Very mean. Really likes fire and really, really likes his sword!


Vryloka Sword Mage who only survived the Villagers revolt by simple fact of being the Dictators bastard and so was hidden away with his mother, the Courts Instructor of Magic. Now he is vowed to rebiuld a power base in order to claim his heritage and fulfill his destiny as the peoples saviour and true leader!However…with the recent acquisition and then sale of a petrified Karnath King, his ambition has moved into a more lucrative and less maniacal direction. With the bestowment of a title, a keep over Rekkenmark, the wondorous item “Tantron” and all the associated influence of such things…the little people can wait.

Baron Sanguine March

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