Dorak Torham

Kenku Tinkerer / Junk Master - aspiring Copper Concordian


A deranged, feather ruffled Kenku (part man, part raven). The birdman has a mace-like gauntlet for a left hand, a mechanical, piston driving, oil leaking right leg, some bolted plates of metal and metal quills interspersed amongst its feathers, a metal tipped beak, and a metal grate “patch” over the right eye (embedded with a Khyber Dragonshard beset as a glowing, eerie eye). Bunched and bundled robes adorn the blend of flesh, feather, and metal, with many of the accutrements of an Artificer (bandoliers of potions, scrolls, and a mixed medly of tools).


Dorak Torham is nucking futs, a mad inventor, creating diabolical doom machines and meddling with artifacts “enhancing” their abilities, and also an aspiring Copper Concordian.

It is said that Torham was corrupted by the raw chaos of Limbo during an excursion to extricate an item from a githzerai monastery swirling in a slaad covered vortex of pain. The raw chaos is rumored to have infected him and adhered to his body – his attempts to stop the crawling chaos from ultimately consuming him have led to his experiments replacing his limbs with the perfect automation of metal – edging out the crawling chaos.

He is the leader of a band of kenku rogues and cutthroats – master thieves known for utilizing their master’s contraptions, concoctions, and explosives in their missions. He has several warforged crafted as minotaurs as his personal bodyguard.

Dorak Torham

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