Bad Men

Starting things off with a BANG!

The usual suspects gathered at Pegit Powerhand’s office at the Aurum’s Golden Vault in Krona Peak of the Mror Holds, being summoned shortly after news had spread that the prominent Silver Concordian medusa Sarys Valdur had turned up dead. With the vacancy of a seat at the silver concordant level it was all hands on deck for current Copper Concordians to make a name for themselves and ascend to the seat. All the group had arrived, though the mercurial Lord March was not present. Kash was in the center of the office, viewing the arcane energies of an odd, gourd shaped object that was levitating in the middle of Powerhand’s Office. Bradley was mumbling and fidgeting off in the corner, the dwarf zombie Grouhl was eyeing the craniums of party members, Graath stood poised, akimbo, staring out the huge bay window looking over the cityscape of Krona Peak below, Scotty was picking his nose and wiping boogers on Powerhand’s desk, Ratfink was in toad form in a puddle of his own ice piss, and Powerhand chewed on his proverbial cigar, then pounded his fist on his desk to get the company’s attention,

“Damned if we know who did it, but with Sarys dead, the opportunity is ripe to ascend as a Silver Concordian – and I know just the thing to get me there – the Makulan Rings. Three rings, ancient Drothic artifacts that not only gave those who adorned the rings absolute direction and sense of the plane they were in (or gate that they perused), but also had immense powers to operate as a temporary portal gate in and of themselves. Damn rings were used by sea elves of the ancient city of El’Uhl’Dro’Phan, who snatched another nifty item, the Moon Pearl, from their kuo-toa enemies, and then proceeded to rift jump their entire city (the whole damn thing, residents, structures and all) and plop it into another dimension or plane of existence…”

“No… the city was ‘plopped,’ as you say, between dimensions…” droned Kash, half lost in his arcane sight viewing the magical gourd, and half listening to the ramblings of Pegit.

“Whatever, that is why I pay you the big bucks for all of your arcane mumbo jumbo expertise,” grumbled Pegit.

Bradley quipped in, “I do believe the item that Kash is viewing, the Shepard’s Gourd, is a map or cipher as to the location that the elven City was last located on the Prime Material Plane…”

BAM! Pegit slammed down his fist on the desk – “SHAAAAADDDUP BRADLEY! But he’s right, this thing had one of the competition on the trail, but they left this key unguarded and it luckily fell into my hands. Now, it seems that the location was somewhere south of the Talenta Plains…”

“No…” interrupted Kash again, “… the Gourd directs one to such a location if they can’t understand the cipher, but here…” and with a twist of his hands, Kash cast a spell targeted at the Shepard’s Gourd which then unraveled and emanated a burst of red light: arcane symbols, formulae, and apparent map sigils were projected into the room from the source of the object in a brilliant, hypnotic display, “…you will see the true location is in the Underdark of Droaam.”

“Well – piss – on – me… (Pegit immediately glared at Ratfink with an expression of ”Don’t even think about it” – then slammed down his fist on the desk in glee) HA! The bastards, probably looking in the wrong spot all along. Brilliant, brilliant. Anyhow, get to this location of the last place the City was known to be, with Kash you should be able to find the Torpal Portal, the remaining link that anchors the City to our world. Pop into the gate, find the rings, and bring them back. If you happen to see that Moon Pearl, it would earn some scratch as well in the race for a higher concordant seat – figure a sea elf city should have some interesting things, maybe a Horn of Bubbles or Trident of Fish Telepathy, har har har!!! Scale Armor of the Blart Fish! HAR HAR HAR!”

A few questions bandied about the room where the group found out the following:

  1. There were several Copper Concordians, but only four currently had the ranking, resources, and ability to vie for the vacated silver seat… Dorak Torham (a Kenku Tinkerer), Harid Cadwe (a Dark Wizard), Sophet Drahas (reportedly a brain in a jar with psychic powers), and of course Pegit Powerhand;
  2. So far the death of Sarys Valdur was conjecture, as her severed left hand was found in the possession of one of her top agents, Teezle the Doppleganger, who had been captured. Teezle was disguised as Sarys, and trying to use the severed hand to use the latent arcane magics ritually infused into Sarys when she became a Silver Concordian to bypass security protocols in the inner vaults of the Golden Vault (cue neato image of the falling up and down Teezle in the Infinity Lift…). But, with the magics inert, folks have been led to believe the source is dead as well. Who knows, maybe just the hand is dead and the owner fine…
  3. In other texts and sources, it seems the elven city has remained traveling because the kuo-toa menace at the location has never left, and in fact, those kuo-toa have been crafting an enormous city/temple to their god Blibdilploop at the location.

The group then continued with its usual whiny bickering and benign questions, to which Pegit one last time lifted his hand and slammed it down on the table – one – last – time…


And the whole room exploded.


It is rumored that Scotty received some sort of scroll from Sophet Drahas – unfortunately Graath was blown up and tossed out the window before I could read it…

… and then Graath disappeared (he never emerged from the brewery)…

Starting things off with a BANG!

Bernbaum has glimpsed the note, and received a mighty scoff from Scotty when the Ratfink suggested they turn the note over to Pegit for further instructions……

Starting things off with a BANG!

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