Bad Men

Regeneration is a Bitch: The Final Chapter in the Undeath of Grouuhl

CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACKCRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK..(continuous concentrated thunder cracks)

The sound of the Lightning Rail passing each conductor stone along the track soon became a white noise to all of the passengers aboard the Scarlet-Line Bullet-Train destined for Zilargo. Folks from all across Khorvaire had made their way onto the pristine locomotive operated by House Orien. Each passenger had their own reasons for going to Zilargo that day. Some wealthy passengers traveled in order to do business with the famous artificer gnomes of Zolanberg. A few passengers were even going to relay some delicate political information to the Trust in Zilargo in order to provide greater political leverage in the negotiations with Breland. An entire car full of gnome children and their parents were traveling on the Scarlet Line that day as well. They were just returning from their school field trip to a wildlife safari in The Talenta Plains.

But perhaps the most interesting of the Scarlet Line’s passengers this day were a party of three unassuming individuals.

A blind Gnome woman, Skyresh by name, walked along the trains interior towards the back, seemingly inconspicuous to all (gnomes aren’t exactly scarce on this line).

A dark cloaked Elf man, Keyth, spent his idle time on the train doing a bit of wealth extraction from those more fortunate but definitely less capable than himself.

And finally a grizzly, monstrous, patchwork of body parts known as Grouuhl stalked his next organ donor in the sleeping car.

As the train bolted on the trio meandered their way towards the rear car. Their intent, a coffin carrying within it the means to exact some well deserved revenge on an old colleague. The plan was to decouple the last few cars from the train and therein divide the threat they faced from the guards of House Orien. As they came upon the section they wished to decouple, Grouuhl and Keyth set to work dismantling the highly charged car connector while Skyresh kept watch in the next car.

It seemed to go well at first, the decoupling was proceeding and Skyresh saw nothing besides a large group of gnomes in the car. However, a chance mistake by Grouuhl in decoupling the cars set off a loud THWACK! that alerted the nearby passengers. It was at this time that the guards of House Orien made themselves known and proceeded to engage the trio in battle.

Perhaps seeing the crowd of school children as a liability in this fight or as collateral damage, Skyresh unleashed a violent psychic detonation that obliterated nearly all of them instantly. Those left alive moaned in agony as the fight raged around them.

After countless attempts to decouple the cars, Keyth finally slammed his elbow down on the connector with elven precision and a crackling burst separated the cars. Keyth flew out above the train, and as he hovered there in the sky he saw large bolts of lightning begin shooting out from the tracks where the rear cars were pulling away from the ever distancing front cars of the Scarlet Line. An instant later, thunderous booms bellowed out from beneath the cargo cars as they lost their connection with the track and were blown outward by the force of a great blast.

From out the door of the first car came a flying carpet, Skyresh riding serenely on top. Keyth looked back and saw that the cars were rolling down the steep green hills, becoming more and more dented and destroyed. The cars flew of a ridge at the bottom of a hill and crashed down onto a crop of beets. Debris from the crash was scattered over miles. Keyth looked to Skyresh and noticed Grouuhl was nowhere to be seen…

(a minute prior)

Grouuhl had been deserted by his companions. Full of the bodies of gnome children and guards of House Orien, as well as the beat down Grouuhl, the car began to tilt heavily to the right and a moment later was blown outward off the track, forcing the car into a never-ending tumble down the hills below.

Grouuhl was many things. He was a devastating combatant, a well put together monstrosity, and an all around badass. But what Grouuhl was most was hungry. And during his last moments he didn’t have to rely on the satisfaction one gets from a good fight. No, Grouuhl got to gorge himself on the savory taste of young gnome flesh as he was spun right round baby, right round in a train car of terror.

And so ends the story of Grouuhl. May he rest in pieces.



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