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  • Sophet Drahas

    Sophet Drahas is one of the four aspiring Copper Concordians hoping to ascend to Silver. Drahas has never been seen, and is rumored to be a brain in a jar, known for powers to dominate and control others, and otherwise wreak psychic havoc on those who …

  • Dorak Torham

    Dorak Torham is nucking futs, a mad inventor, creating diabolical doom machines and meddling with artifacts "enhancing" their abilities, and also an aspiring Copper Concordian. It is said that Torham was corrupted by the raw chaos of Limbo during an …

  • Harid Cadwe

    Not much is known, except that he is damn good at attaining Aurum desired items.

  • Sarys Valdur (deceased?)

    A Silver Concordian rumored to be dead (her severed left hand was found in the inventory of Teezle - her former doppleganger agent who was trying to use the limp limb to bypass security protocols in the inner chambers of the Aurum). But who knows, …

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