Bad Men

First Meeting with Bradley Breuer

“So… did he give you the ’it’s quite simple’ speech? Yeah. It’s rarely simple.

Listen, several months ago Pegit offered to purchase some magic items from the monks up at the Path of Light monastery. There are less than a dozen kalashtar monks up there, not much in the way of assets, and they mostly keep to themselves. But they had a Ring of the Dragonborn Emporer, and a Magnificent Tapestry, both of which Pegit was interested in. They negotiated a bit on price over the course of several weeks, and they were finally ready to make a deal, when the monks suddenly revoked their offer. At that point, Pegit was furious and was tired of negotiating anyway, and that’s when he sent Lacroix and Madame Cortese to steal the items.

Lacroix is a fine soldier, but he’s more loyal to Cortese than he is to Pegit. Madame Cortese is more of a wild-card — she’s an excellent thief, and knows some magic as well — but she’s always been interested in more than just money, so it’s possible she betrayed us.

I see several possible scenarios. Lacroix and Cortese may have been captured by the monks. If that’s the case, and they’re still alive, we want them rescued.

It’s possible that they fled the area — either with some unknown information, the magic items, or both. If that’s the case, you’re to pursue them and kill them, and bring the bodies back here.

It’s also possible that a third party is involved. There have been reports lately of random Slaadi attacks in the area. Slaadi often act randomly, it is their nature — but their presence here in the mountains is fairly strange. It’s possible you may encounter some around, or in, the monastery. Feel free to deal with them however you wish.

Lastly, I am curious to know why the monks chose to withdraw from negotiations. I’m a little concerned that they did so because they found out about Pegit’s business dealings, or perhaps learned too much about the Aurum. Either way, if accomplishing your mission is made easier by simply killing off all the monks, feel free to do so. We will ensure that you won’t be implicated in any murders that result from your mission.

So to summarize — top priority is to get those items. Also, pursuant to the normal contract, I’ll need an itemized list of anything else you acquire during the mission. Next priority is to figure out what happened to the pair of thieves — if they’re still loyal, rescue them if possible. If they are not loyal, track them down and kill them at all costs. Finally, figure out the reason for the monks sudden reluctance to deal with Pegit.

So…it’s quite simple, really… Any questions?"

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First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

Krona Peak is a dwarven city in the Ironroot Mountains. It is more or less the capital of the Mror Holds. It is the center of trade, banking, religion, and power for the dwarves of the Mror Holds. It is also here that the Aurum has its headquarters — a large structure called the Golden Vault. Only those who are aware of the Aurum’s true purpose are allowed in the Vault.

“The Golden Vault is ostentatious — a sprawling structure spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of members and luxurious enough to satisfy their every need. Gardens filled with priceless statuary, a museum with treasures from nearly every age, and libraries containing the collected works of the greatest thinkers make it a veritable palace of culture and refinement.”

Pegit Powerhand has a medium-sized office, along with a handful of secretaries and bodyguards, inside the Golden Vault. You arrive at his office ahead of schedule, and have a few moments to look out the windows at the city below you. Krona Peak is surprisingly large considering the mostly-dwarven population that lives there. The center of activity at the moment appears to be the Lightning Rail, with trains coming and going, delivering goods and visitors, and cargo being shipped out on a strict timetable — it is dwarven efficiency at its finest.

You are ushered into Pegit’s office, which is dominated by a huge drafting table covered with blueprints and maps. It is immediately obvious that Pegit was a former adventurer — his muscles bulge through his business suit, and he looks uncomfortable and constantly fidgets as if he would prefer to be in plate armor carrying a battleaxe.

“Thank you for coming. … It is quite simple, really. Several weeks ago, I sent a pair of thieves to steal several magic items from a nearby monastery devoted to The Path of Light. I have not heard back from them. If they have betrayed me, I want them dead. If they were unsuccessful, I want you to retrieve the items. I would have preferred a subtle operation, but at this point feel free to dismiss every follower of the Path of Light who stands in your way with extreme prejudice. My assistant Bradley Breuer will be give you the specifics.”

At that, Pegit Powerhand returns to his drafting table. A human male, Bradley Breuer, stands waiting for you outside the office. Bradley is a young, frail-looking human with glasses and wearing black, velvet gloves.

Campaign Set-Up

Pegit Powerhand is a dwarven ex-adventurer and Copper Concordian, with aspirations of quickly rising to the rank of the Platinum Concord. He has hired you (whoever you may be) to be one of his elite groups that he will pay well to get dirty tasks done. As a former adventurer, he doesn’t put on airs like many of the nobles in the Aurum. He also is very generous with his employees, especially those who help him increase his power. He acquired great wealth in his youth, and with it he opened a series of spas across Korvaire, called Powerhand’s Magical and Mineral Bathhouses Extraordinaire. However, nobles who can afford it are aware that prostitutes of virtually any race can be discreetly found at Powerhand’s bathhouses. Unfortunately for some, the Aurum now has blackmail material on many of Korvaire’s married leaders who have used these services…

Just as Aurum members seek to rise in the ranks, so too do the Aurum security forces. There is more money and prestige in working for a Gold Concordian than a Silver Concordian, and so on. Rising in ranks can either be done through the rise of the Concordian for whom you work — or perhaps performing so well that you gain the attention of a higher ranking Concordian and being hired by them instead.

Pegit Powerhand has a relatively small stronghold in the Mror Holds, and conducts business in his office at the Aurum headquarters (the “Golden Vault”, in the city of Krona Peak).
After having sent you as a group on some trivial test missions, he has called you into his office now with a matter of great import. Compensation will be commensurate with the danger involved.


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