The Makulan Rings

A brilliant orrery of three rotating rings, the curved floor surface a map of the cosmos


The orrery itself seems to be 80 feet in diameter, with an archway bridge that allows one to ascend and then look down upon the cosmos map that comprises the concave floor below. The rings begin to freely rotate when a gate pathway is activated, and the “flight path” trigger sequence is somehow controlled by moving components of the cosmos map, and apparent enormous slide puzzle.


The fabled Makulan Rings are a set of three rings (that happen to be 80 feet in diameter) rumored to give those surrounded by them absolute awareness of their location in any plane (they know where they are, and it is told gives direction to nearby gates and where those gates go).

It is told in the ancient Drothic scripts that the rings can also be used to create portals, and in fact were used by the elves of El’Uhl’Dro’Phan to rift jump the entire city – ripping the city from the prime material plane and setting it traversing between dimensions in an infinite loop, linked to reality on a geomantric anchor, forever hidden away from reality.

Retrieval of the Makulan Rings would certainly be an entry ticket to becoming a Silver Concordian. . .

The Makulan Rings

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