Skyresh Bolgolam of Dal Quor

Female gnome with no pupils.


Skyresh’ beauty is matched only by her intelligence. It can be difficult, however, to overcome her strange eyes which have no pupils — and the fact that she doesn’t talk, but instead communicates telepathically. She will often mumble telepathically, forgetting that her private thoughts are being transmitted to those around her.

She wears clothes that allow her maximum mobility, and has her weapons with her at all times: a mace and dagger hanging from her belt, and a hand crossbow strapped to her back. She also has one of many potions in her right hand at all times, manipulating it nervously as her mind wanders to who-knows-where.


At a very young age, Skyresh began her first job — as a notary and scribe for House Sivis in Korranberg. She never knew her parents, but did know that she needed to work hard to make money. Perhaps harder than most to make up for her handicaps: she was mute and lacked any semblance of social skills — and strangely lacked pupils.

Eventually Skyresh became an Archivist for the Notaries Guild within House Sivis. In her position, she transcribed and maintained a filing system for some of more arcane and rare historical documents in Khorvaire. In so doing, she began to imagine that she was uncovering strange messages hidden in the texts intended for her, explaining the reason that she was different from her fellow gnomes was because she had a destiny greater than a mere scribe. It was her purpose in life to discover the truth about dreams, and the dream world of Dal Quor. There is some mystical connection, she began to believe, between the waking world and dreams. In addition, whereas Xoriat could be considered a chaotic perversion of dreams, and Dal Quor was the plane of all dreams, perhaps there was a third distant realm that consisted of pure, organized, lawful dream-stuff. It was here, Skyresh thought, that she belonged — and was destined to discover. Her delusions grew stronger, and she took the suffix “of Dal Quor”, despite never have been to the plane of dreams.

Despite her wild imagination, her hard work as an archivist began to be noticed — but not by House Sivis. The Aurum needed someone inside the Notaries Guild who would be willing to falsify historical documents, make copies of various texts, or make records disappear. Skyresh was easy to convince — she had no love or passion for her job, she simply worked to acquire as much wealth as possible. After some time, she was asked to relocate to the Aurum headquarters, in order to take on other research projects she might be better suited for.

Skyresh Bolgolam of Dal Quor

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