Kashival the Betrayer

An evil "drow" wizard from Sarlona


Kashival Do’Redlor was born on the continent of Sarlona in the nation of Adar in Kasshta Keep. His parents were members of Keepers of the World and sat on the Council of the Wise. The Keepers maintain ancient magical traditions from Sarlona’s past. They protect this knowledge because the spirits of nightmare (Quori) who have taken over the rulers of Riedra have worked hard to eradicate magic that could rival them. Adar stands apart from the rest of Sarlona in that they are the last refuge for those who oppose the extra planar beings that have invaded the continent.

Kashival grew up learning to harness his magical abilities from those at the keep, learning a variety of different spells. Even as a child Kashival hungered for more knowledge, wealth, and power. He would sneak through the keep at nights and try to uncover magics that the elders thought he was not ready for. Fortunately, Kashival had the talent to match his curiosity and was able to master all that he found.

As a young adult, Kashival realized there was nothing more for him to learn inside the keep so he traveled out into greater Adar to find other magics he could master. He did not let anything stand in his way. He would break into homes, murder anyone who stood in his way, and wouldn’t leave any witnesses.

Once Kashival was satisfied that the temple keeps and other settlements of Adar were plundered to his satisfaction, Kashival began to dream a little bigger. He had always heard that there were a group of Blue Dragons up on the summit of Korrandar. People living near the mountains would bring offerings to shrines near the base. Kashival could imagine what the total of all those offerings would be and knew that the dragons would guard it ferociously. The problem was that the mountain was subject to severe storms. Kashival figured that would be no match for his talents though. However, what he was unsure about was the planar storms that also plagued the summit. Sarlona was riddled with these planar tears that were feared much due to their unpredictable effects. Kashival’s curiosity was to potent though, he just had to get that loot somehow.

Kashival made preparations as best he could and began to ascend the mountain. He cast rituals to protect himself from the natural elements during his climb. He succeeded in making it to the top of the mountain and he thought he could see an ancient structure coming up out of the mountain just ahead. Just then, he heard the wind gust all around him and he saw five brilliantly blue dragons descend around him.

Kashival knew he was fucked.

The dragons did not give him time to try to explain himself before attacking. Kashival had one trick up his sleeve though. He had an artifact that he had found during his childhood that would teleport him away from his current location. Unfortunately, he did not know where he would end up. Kashival tried it anyways and activated the artifact. The artifact exploded in a blinding light that engulfed Kashival. Kashival was transported directly into the center of a planar storm. He saw many things in that storm that he did not understand, visions of strange buildings and creatures, horrifying landscapes and even a dark nothingness that seemed to creep at him. At some point he blacked out from the exposure to magical energy.

Kashival eventually woke up on another mountain, though he was able to tell that it was not the same mountain. He could also feel something different about his magical power. He felt part of the planar storm still raging within himself, but he was able to control it. Off in the distance he could see an opulent fortress of pure gold. Kashival could not believe his eyes. He headed off as fast as he could to the structure. As he approached the front entrance, he was immediately stopped by a pair of well-armed dwarves. They explained to him that this was the headquarters of the Aurum, a great and powerful order that sought out riches across all of Khorvaire and beyond. Kashival was astonished to hear that he had been transported all the way to Khorvaire.

Kashival pleaded for an audience with one of the members so that he might join this organization. The dwarves were not convinced until he produced a portal in a matter of seconds. Kashival knew from his reading that portals normally took at least 10 minutes to cast. He is lead into the building and meets with a member of the Aurum. He shows off his capabilities and is accepted into the ranks of those who work for the members of the Aurum. During his stay in the Golden Vaults, Kashival is taught to learn the sigil sequence of many teleportation circles throughout Khorvaire and beyond.

Kashival the Betrayer

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