Irving Bernbaum (Dominated)

A Mul druid


Irving “Ratfink” Bernbaum is a Mul, although it’s hard to tell. The reason for this is that he spends most of his time in one druidic animal form or another. When in humanoid form, he doesn’t wield any weapon other than his totem, and drapes a tattered bear hide about him. While awake, he typically favors his dire rat form. Sleeping, however, he transforms into a giant ice toad and likes to rest in a pool of cold water.


Since dwarves and humans can’t normally procreate, there is some question as to the heredity of Muls. Some kind of magic was surely involved, perhaps in a laboratory somewhere — but if Irving cares where he came from, he never shows it. He does, however, care deeply about the death of his adoptive parents. Two humans living in the Eldeen Reaches, they raised him to understand the savagery of nature. They were simple farmers, but showed him that nature, as wild and uncaring as it seemed, could also be understood — and even controlled.
When Irving was only 10, several knights of the Silver Flame strode into the farming village. They accused Irving and his parents of conspiring with dangerous wild creatures, and corrupting both society and nature with their evil beliefs. Irving’s parents were able to hide Irving in the crawl-space under their small house, where he heard his parents murdered by the villainous Silver Flame.
Several years later, he found himself in the care of druids from the Eldeen Reaches. He was trained as a druid by several wise druids. They had planned to train him to one-day become a Gatekeeper — the ancient druid order who watch over the magical seals that keep the daelkyr at bay. Now that the portals to Xoriat are forever closed, Irving decided that the order was no longer useful, and training to be a Gatekeeper was pointless. He said his goodbyes, and set out to explore — always with a vengeful eye on the Silver Flame.

Irving Bernbaum (Dominated)

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