Graath Nax'xes

A badass black dagonborn Baruva presence Flamebrow warlord with the gold pouch stitched with the words "Bad Mother F*cker"


Graath Nax’xes is an intimidating sight to behold, a 6’7” and 300 lbs mass of muscle, looking like a mix of professional wrestler with prominent features of a black dragon. He has a beard like a horse’s mane and large horns that streak back and are lost amongst a massive pile of of hair. The jangle of heavy chain armor is heard as he moves, though draped over him are black silk robes (embroidered with images of black dragons) giving the appearance of an Oni Demon. He brandishes a bastard sword that has a pommel made of a hollowed dragon’s tooth, the tooth mystically fills with ale which Graath consumes on a regular basis in the midst of battle (and consumes on a regular basis when not in battle). He bears a shield as black and smooth as obsidian, but when near heat or covered in enemy blood it reveals the Hexagram of the Dark Six. The more disturbing aspect is that he does not hold the shield, but it floats near him, gliding around him like some large magnetic beetle, shifting about him like a Ioun stone on steroids.


Graath Nax’xes is the spirit of chaotic vengeance, lashing out against the betrayal of conformity to law, cursed to be a wandering spirt of uncontrollable rage. Graath hails from Q’barra, where long ago he served the Flamebrow Clan, but he believes he was betrayed when his legion was commanded to remain in place in a defensive position, and later were crushed by a reckless, yet effective gambit by the opposition, Mishva the Conqueror – an upstart dragonborn of the Stormhorn Clan. Battlefield scroungers of the Poison Dusk kobolds tried to pilfer from the apparently dead dragonborn – who subsequently throttled and snapped the neck of the kobold attempting to lift his coin purse. He was knocked unconscious by the scrounging party and taken back to their encampment. Freeing himself of his bonds with an eruption of acidic dragonbreath the shaman took it as a sign (not to mention that Graath was commencing to kill off the tribe) and revered him as an Exarch of Rhashaak, an ancient black dragon who sleeps upon the bastion of fiends known as Haka’tovhak.

Poison dusk shaman

Graath became a champion of the tribe, learning from them, but also teaching them his battle skills. He sired many pups from the kobold women that were not sundered by his girth. As he went native with the Poison Dusk for many years, the one item he retained was the Flamebrow battlefield guide – the Art of War as penned by Dhuryan Flamebrow himself – the same general that commanded his cohort with erred strategy and led to their destruction and demise. In the warped mind of Graath he began to alter the work, his own penned “Art of Viciousness” is a perverted guide of dirty fighting, ambitious risk taking, underhanded guerrilla skirmish tactics, cons and deceptions, and outright nastiness to inflict upon foes. As he ascended ranks in the tribe he too began to revere the ancient black dragon Rhashaak, and one night doped up on kobold shrooms and ascended the mountain to unite with godhood. He found Rhashaak and bowed before him, summoning what will he had and pledged his loyalty. Rhashaak at first dismissed the foolish dragonborn, but then challenged, “the little fish to see a greater ocean.” Rhashaak commanded that Graath Nax’xes destroy the Sovereign Host, and do so by assembling avatars of the Dark Six. Then Rhashaak lay a curse upon Graath that he never find comfort in the security of order and law (Graath now cannot stay in one place for very long or his skin begins to crawl, literally), then cast Graath from high atop Haka’tovhak back to the swamps below. Grath’s mangled body was again later found by Poison Dusk kobolds who revered him as a fallen fiend of Rhashaak. Graath looked upon the lowly kobolds and his squiverbilling pups and was filled with disgust, but he left the Poison Dusk with a purpose – use his resources to destroy the Sovreign Host and ascend as an avatar of the Dark Six. He is not yet sure that he knows which avatar he is, but he has sought the company of others he believed to be such avatars (the adventuring party). Through his own interpretation of the “Art of Visciousness” he now believes he is the offspring of Rhashaak, and through the ascension of his progenitor so will he too rise to godhood and take place as one of the Dark Six.

(as a note – the dragonborn warlord seeks compatriots who are phenomenal killers, and uses his skills to pump them up to avatar godhood status – but all the while Graath evaluates and measures the success of avatars – and any not performing may get passed for godhood…)

Graath Nax'xes

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