Bad Men

Campaign Set-Up


Pegit Powerhand is a dwarven ex-adventurer and Copper Concordian, with aspirations of quickly rising to the rank of the Platinum Concord. He has hired you (whoever you may be) to be one of his elite groups that he will pay well to get dirty tasks done. As a former adventurer, he doesn’t put on airs like many of the nobles in the Aurum. He also is very generous with his employees, especially those who help him increase his power. He acquired great wealth in his youth, and with it he opened a series of spas across Korvaire, called Powerhand’s Magical and Mineral Bathhouses Extraordinaire. However, nobles who can afford it are aware that prostitutes of virtually any race can be discreetly found at Powerhand’s bathhouses. Unfortunately for some, the Aurum now has blackmail material on many of Korvaire’s married leaders who have used these services…

Just as Aurum members seek to rise in the ranks, so too do the Aurum security forces. There is more money and prestige in working for a Gold Concordian than a Silver Concordian, and so on. Rising in ranks can either be done through the rise of the Concordian for whom you work — or perhaps performing so well that you gain the attention of a higher ranking Concordian and being hired by them instead.

Pegit Powerhand has a relatively small stronghold in the Mror Holds, and conducts business in his office at the Aurum headquarters (the “Golden Vault”, in the city of Krona Peak).
After having sent you as a group on some trivial test missions, he has called you into his office now with a matter of great import. Compensation will be commensurate with the danger involved.



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