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First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

Krona Peak is a dwarven city in the Ironroot Mountains. It is more or less the capital of the Mror Holds. It is the center of trade, banking, religion, and power for the dwarves of the Mror Holds. It is also here that the Aurum has its headquarters — a large structure called the Golden Vault. Only those who are aware of the Aurum’s true purpose are allowed in the Vault.

“The Golden Vault is ostentatious — a sprawling structure spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of members and luxurious enough to satisfy their every need. Gardens filled with priceless statuary, a museum with treasures from nearly every age, and libraries containing the collected works of the greatest thinkers make it a veritable palace of culture and refinement.”

Pegit Powerhand has a medium-sized office, along with a handful of secretaries and bodyguards, inside the Golden Vault. You arrive at his office ahead of schedule, and have a few moments to look out the windows at the city below you. Krona Peak is surprisingly large considering the mostly-dwarven population that lives there. The center of activity at the moment appears to be the Lightning Rail, with trains coming and going, delivering goods and visitors, and cargo being shipped out on a strict timetable — it is dwarven efficiency at its finest.

You are ushered into Pegit’s office, which is dominated by a huge drafting table covered with blueprints and maps. It is immediately obvious that Pegit was a former adventurer — his muscles bulge through his business suit, and he looks uncomfortable and constantly fidgets as if he would prefer to be in plate armor carrying a battleaxe.

“Thank you for coming. … It is quite simple, really. Several weeks ago, I sent a pair of thieves to steal several magic items from a nearby monastery devoted to The Path of Light. I have not heard back from them. If they have betrayed me, I want them dead. If they were unsuccessful, I want you to retrieve the items. I would have preferred a subtle operation, but at this point feel free to dismiss every follower of the Path of Light who stands in your way with extreme prejudice. My assistant Bradley Breuer will be give you the specifics.”

At that, Pegit Powerhand returns to his drafting table. A human male, Bradley Breuer, stands waiting for you outside the office. Bradley is a young, frail-looking human with glasses and wearing black, velvet gloves.


One more speech coming, and then I’ll shoot an e-mail to the group. If I recall correctly, I can just link to this page via e-mail, and people don’t have to actually have an obsidian portal account to read the campaign stuff. Although ideally everyone will make their character here.

First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

Lookin forward to it

First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

Cool! I’m still working on building my character, but I’ll get him up here when I’m done. Even though he’ll be a monk, he won’t have any qualms about killing these monks, if necessary :)

First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

Ha ha ha! Byron backstory should be this is the monk house that threw you out for being evil!…

Graath will be happy to hold onto that ring (once we pry it from dead monk/thief/slaad/_____) before we return it to Bradley…

First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

That’s possible — Byron, let me know if you want to be a converted Path of Light member.

It is well known that when Pegit is in good spirits, he will occasionally give powerful magic items to those who perform well in the field. The trick is to catch him in a good mood, and when he’s very busy, so he doesn’t have any time to consider his decision. His backhanded dismissal, accompanied by “fine, fine, just keep it and let me be” is a recurring joke among some his lower level guards.

First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

Ha, just found this entry. I like the backstory idea of converted Path of Light member. Let’s look into this instead of the backstory that I conjured up earlier…

First Meeting with Pegit Powerhand

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