Bad Men

First Meeting with Bradley Breuer

“So… did he give you the ’it’s quite simple’ speech? Yeah. It’s rarely simple.

Listen, several months ago Pegit offered to purchase some magic items from the monks up at the Path of Light monastery. There are less than a dozen kalashtar monks up there, not much in the way of assets, and they mostly keep to themselves. But they had a Ring of the Dragonborn Emporer, and a Magnificent Tapestry, both of which Pegit was interested in. They negotiated a bit on price over the course of several weeks, and they were finally ready to make a deal, when the monks suddenly revoked their offer. At that point, Pegit was furious and was tired of negotiating anyway, and that’s when he sent Lacroix and Madame Cortese to steal the items.

Lacroix is a fine soldier, but he’s more loyal to Cortese than he is to Pegit. Madame Cortese is more of a wild-card — she’s an excellent thief, and knows some magic as well — but she’s always been interested in more than just money, so it’s possible she betrayed us.

I see several possible scenarios. Lacroix and Cortese may have been captured by the monks. If that’s the case, and they’re still alive, we want them rescued.

It’s possible that they fled the area — either with some unknown information, the magic items, or both. If that’s the case, you’re to pursue them and kill them, and bring the bodies back here.

It’s also possible that a third party is involved. There have been reports lately of random Slaadi attacks in the area. Slaadi often act randomly, it is their nature — but their presence here in the mountains is fairly strange. It’s possible you may encounter some around, or in, the monastery. Feel free to deal with them however you wish.

Lastly, I am curious to know why the monks chose to withdraw from negotiations. I’m a little concerned that they did so because they found out about Pegit’s business dealings, or perhaps learned too much about the Aurum. Either way, if accomplishing your mission is made easier by simply killing off all the monks, feel free to do so. We will ensure that you won’t be implicated in any murders that result from your mission.

So to summarize — top priority is to get those items. Also, pursuant to the normal contract, I’ll need an itemized list of anything else you acquire during the mission. Next priority is to figure out what happened to the pair of thieves — if they’re still loyal, rescue them if possible. If they are not loyal, track them down and kill them at all costs. Finally, figure out the reason for the monks sudden reluctance to deal with Pegit.

So…it’s quite simple, really… Any questions?"

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Graath addresses Breuer… (the dot dot dots are this terrible pause and gaze I am working on for role playing Graath, and yes, I do talk to myself during the work commute to test out voices….)

1) What can you tell us of Lacroix and Cortese (or open that up to the group Streetwise check)… the more we know of our targets, the easier we can exploit their weaknesses, and ensure they stay in line with our objectives. A soldier is easy enough to control… but this Madame Cortese sounds like she has tricks up her sleeve… what kind of tricks… what mastery does she wield… and are these two lovers, siblings… both?!? … their relationship will identify which one to take hostage, and the other to make capitulate.

2) Slaadi… don’t githzerai monks find refuge in Elemental Chaos – perhaps they viewed a bit too much in their meditations and shifted that tapestry in that direction… the Chaos Frogs I am sure would relish pouncing on meditating monks…

3) Where in the Nine Hells did you get that haircut Bradley?!?!… be damned if anything take you seriously, balls up and grow a pair!…

First Meeting with Bradley Breuer

Kash steps beside Graath and adds, “Curious. Does this mean we are headed to Adar? I am unfamiliar with these lands and I have never heard of any Kalashtar monks on Khorvaire.” Kash confides, “I’m half Kalashtar myself. In fact, most of the monks in the temple-keeps of Adar are Kalashtars.” Kash’s face takes on a disgusted look. “Always so serene and calm. I tell you, I was glad to be away from those pansies. They hold so much potential, yet most of them just hide behind their barrier. Growing up, all I heard was that we must be vigilant against the forces of the Dreaming Dark. I have seen their power and it can be impressive. Yet what do they do? Cower from behind the barrier like little kobolds. Thankfully, I didn’t follow my parent’s footsteps in becoming Keepers. I told them off and left the next day to make something of myself instead of sitting around a temple meditating for the rest of my life. The Dreaming Dark can wipe out those cocky hippies for all I care.”

First Meeting with Bradley Breuer

Bradley gingerly touches his head, worried that a stray hair may be out of alignment. When he’s content that his hair is still perfect, he continues:

“It is no secret that Lacroix has devoted himself to Madame Cortese. He continually hopes that he will one day impress her enough that she will allow him to court her. She has a fondness for Lacroix, but most everyone would roll their eyes at the thought of the two of them getting married.
I do not believe Lacroix would ever betray Cortese. However, he can be quite gullible, so it may be possible to use his devotion to her as a means to control him.
Madame Cortese, on the other hand, is quite smart. She is an excellent thief, with a mastery over all things mechanical — locks, traps, you name it, she can figure out a way around it. However, she is not much of a combatant — she relies mostly on Lacroix’ combat ability when things turns violent. However, she’s never shown herself to be particularly interest in wealth, politics, magic, power, or any other motive other than doing a job well and getting paid. Some say that there’s no way a thief as smart as her would continue to let Lacroix be her traveling companion, unless she did in fact have feelings about him. It could be that it’s just a feeling of responsibility, that she considers Lacroix her loyal pet and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Perhaps that could be used as a means of controlling her.

Now, about the monks and the slaadi…"

First Meeting with Bradley Breuer

“The monks at the monastery are all Kalashtar. They are indeed transplants from Adar, but unlike many religious organizations, they don’t actively try to recruit anyone. Indeed, they are fairly new arrivals in the mountains of the Mror Holds, so not many know they are here. But I’m sure word will spread, and eventually people will travel from all Korvaire to learn from them. They are truly monks is most ways that matter — they keep to themselves, they don’t much care for physical possessions, and spend most of their time in deep reflection. Some of them have proven to be masterful combatants, however, so despite their lack of weapons, don’t underestimate their abilities.

The dedication and desire for perfection of the monks is indeed the antithesis of the Slaadi. If the reports of Slaad in the area are true, it could be a simple random incursion. Or they may have targeted the monks specifically. Or it’s possible they are being led by a Slaad Lord, in which case they are here for some reason other than the simple spreading of chaos in the world. One such lord is Ygorl — a giant skeleton wielding an 8-foot sickle. If you find evidence that he is behind this, let us know at once — the Slaadi are bad enough with their unpredictability, but if they are here at Ygorl’s behest, they are even more dangerous.

Now, onto more important matters. My barber is a Frost-Witch Harpy by the name of Aghkithus, who lives in Cazhaak Draal in Droam. Once you return from your mission, I’ll make sure my assistant gives you her address."

First Meeting with Bradley Breuer

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