Bad Men

Delving into Dreadhold

Bradley appears to each of you individually and informs you that Pegit would like to see you for your next job. “He’s in his office, I’m sure someone as talented as yourself can find it.”

You all eventually find his office. The door is open and you can see Pegit sitting at a large mahogany desk.

Pegit is thumbing through some papers as you walk into his office. He doesn’t seem to notice you as he mumbles to himself, “What’s taking them so damned long…didn’t pay them to take a bloody island vacation…now where’s that damn map…” He begins looking about his office in search for his map and he spots you all in the doorway. “Ah, good good. I’m glad you’ve all made it. I wanted to again thank those of you who worked on that monk job. Wish I could’ve gone myself, but some has to keep the bathhouses running. Am I right?!” He pauses for laughter then continues. “Yes, well that is not the only reason you are here. As I am sure Bradley has informed you, I have another job I’d like you all to do. Once again I find that I have hired substandard help and need you to finish the job.”

“One week ago I was sent a message from an anonymous party asking for my help in a matter that was not exactly aboveboard, if you know what I mean. I was inclined to disregard the request until I found the astral diamond enclosed with the letter. The sender promised more where that came from if I came through. Anyone sending astral fucking diamonds in mail delivered by carrier pigeon is either an idiot or extremely wealthy.”

Pegit hands you the letter and you read:

Dear Master Powerhand,
We wish to request your assistance in a certain matter. As you may know, the island prison Dreadhold is where all of Khorvaire’s most dangerous prisoners are held. We feel that one prisoner in particular has served his time and is due to be released. His name is Prakktos, he is a human and he is the longest held prisoner in Dreadhold. He has been held in the Deep Wards for nearly 300 years. Unfortunately, the Kundarak family that runs the prison does not agree that he should be released. This is where you come in. We are aware of your connections and we are confident in your ability to secure the release of this man in whatever way you see fit. To entice you to accept we have enclosed a small token in good faith. Much more will follow should you succeed. Don’t contact us, we will be watching.


“After I read this I put the problem to some of my more intelligent employees. The four wizards came up with an idea to tunnel underwater down into the the island then back up to the Deep Wards where Prakktos is being held. They estimated it would take the better part of a day to excavate the tunnel, spend the night there and then arrive back here the next night. That was four days ago. I need you to go to the island and complete the mission and find out what happened to the wizards if you can. My part of this was finding out the password to unlock the deep cells and unpetrify Prakktos. It should still work for the next couple days so I need this done now.”

Pegit finally finds the map and hands it to you. “This map indicates the location where the wizards descended to excavate the tunnel, that should be all you need. Go now and don’t disappoint me like most of my employees seem to be doing lately.” Pegit motions for you to leave.

As you leave his office you encounter Bradley.

“I see by the confused look on your faces that Pegit once again left out some choice details. Let me guess what you’re thinking, ’I’m not a fish. How am I supposed to descend the two hundred feet to the tunnel without dying? If I encounter anything how can I fight back? How will I be able to see anything while I’m down there?’ Was I close? Yes, well thankfully one of the Aurum’s wizards has agreed to put some rituals on you all that will remedy your concerns. You will be able to breathe water, swim as if you were a fish yourself, talk underwater, survive the cold and pressure of the water, as well as the ability to use your weapons effectively underwater. As for getting you there, you will be flown via eagles over the drop point and then you will, well… drop. Here is the piece of paper with the password for the cells as well.”

“Finally, you may be wondering who this Prakktos fellow is. Unfortunaley, we were unable to secure any files relating to him due to the extreme length of his imprisonment. We attempted to search out other avenues for historical information but it seems that that information has inexplicably vanished from the historical record. We deemed this the possible handiwork of our generous anonymous employers. I can tell you truthfully that people with the ability to do something like this scare the ever living shit out of me. Pardon me for my vulgarity, but this whole matter has gotten me out of sorts.”

“Well, do you have any questions before you are all fishified and sent on your way?”


Can he be released… through death?… Or is this one of those crappy “we want him alive” scenarios?

Without Kash, will this Ratfink bastard have any ability to cast arcane rituals?

Delving into Dreadhold

Indeed he is to be left alive. Why set him free only to kill him? Besides, the anonymous party seemed to want him alive and they are the ones who are paying us.

The rituals that you will need to become aquatically capable will be performed on you before you leave. They last at least 12 hours and it should only take a couple of hours to reach the island. The tunnel should already be dug so all you should have to do is swim through it to the other side. Any other rituals you want will need to either be performed by one of you or a scroll can possibly be found for you. I am unfamiliar with your new colleague’s ritual casting capabilities though.

Delving into Dreadhold

Bernbaum shifts to Mul form long enough to announce, “I have all the, uh, uh, animal *mess*enger rituals you could need — with the emphasis on mess, in case you missed it. But I can cast any … ritual you give me, no problem. My favorite is Banish Vermin, because nothing spoils a sumptuous repast or a quiet evening like unwanted vermin.” At that, he reverts back to his giant dire sea otter form.

Delving into Dreadhold

I know Kash will be indisposed, any chance he could cast those rituals for us before we go…

As far as the rat/otter, then all we’ll need is 10 minutes once we are in…

Delving into Dreadhold

All the rituals besides Dark Light can be performed before your departure. However Dark light is a light that follows the caster. Therefore, that ritual will need to be cast by someone in the party. It need not be cast upon arrival though due to the day long duration of the light. Waterborn, Water’s Gift, and Eagle’s Flight will need to be done pre-departure however. Unfortunately Kash does not currently know these rituals so he will be given ritual scrolls to use. He is currently working on a side project doing some discreet deliveries and will not be able to join you though.

Delving into Dreadhold

Dark Light is only level 4, I can purchase it before we go (I believe Krona Peak is large enough to have magic items for sale, but let me know if I can’t find it). And it only takes 1 minute to cast, lasts for 1 day. I actually already have some of those rituals you mentioned, but if Pegit is paying for the scrolls, more the better. In fact, Bernbaum will try not to let on that he knows some of those rituals, and whenever he’s forced to make a bluff check he switches to Giant Cockroach form so his facial features won’t give him away.

Delving into Dreadhold

Well if you’d like to perform the rituals yourselves, be my guest. It may be prudent to let Kash perform the Eagle’s flight ritual. Should you mess it up the other rituals may not last the journey. We can get you the scrolls before you leave, no charge. I suggest doing them before you leave though. Performing rituals from atop an eagle may be a bit difficult.

Delving into Dreadhold

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