Bad Men

An Unexpected Loss

As the party returned from their Lunar escapade, they found a short and stout Tiefling waiting in Pegit’s office. The Tiefling, Torment, informed the party that, as head of security overseeing the team working on the Portalmobile, he witnessed Kash seem to discover something while working with the machine. Kash leapt up and said, " Bel Shalor will be most pleased, now I just need to find the keys." Kash then cast a powerful spell that blinded everyone before sending them flying away from the machine. Torment regained his sight just as Kash powered the machine up and disappeared in a bright flash that collapsed in on itself until it was gone. Torment insists on joining the party in order to get a little payback and roll with a more talented crew.

Pegit did not seem to notice that his collection of gear is now in the party’s possession. He is still recuperating from his abduction. Who knows when he will be the same. Also, what will be his reaction to Bradley’s untimely death? Only time and some other DM will tell!…



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