Bad Men

An Even More Unexpected Loss

As everyone is standing in Pegit’s new office, talking with Torment, four slightly transparent arrows come through the window and shoot into Torment’s body. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! You see confusion and shock on Torment’s face as he falls to his knees with blood coming from his mouth. Outside you can see a flying elf with a greatbow ready in his hands. Suddenly he teleports into the office with his hands up. "I mean you no harm. My target was the Tiefling and he alone. I assume he was spinning some yarn about being the only witness to your frined’s escape? Yes, well that’s not quite how it went. You see he indeed was the only witness, but only because he and Kash were servants of the same masters, the Lords of Dust. The Lords of Dust work tirelessly to free their demonic masters from their prison in Khyber. I fear that your friend and this fiend here were in with them.

Why trust anything I say you might ask? Well because I work for someone you already are familiar with…Prakktos! The Dragons are the only thing fighting back against the demons and their bid to escape their longtime prison. Prakktos sent me to repay his debt in part for releasing him. This Tiefling would have led you right into the hands of the enemy. He also sent me to recruit you into the cause of the dragons. Now, from what information I was given, I have ascertained that you lot are not exactly the do gooder type, am I right? Well let me give you another incentive then. Should the demons and the daelkyr be released the process of their escape will shatter the barrier between the planes. Pure chaos will ensue along with the bloodiest conflict ever before. As for me, I kind of like this world. It provides me with the means to gain riches and other material goods. Were the barriers to be shattered that would not be the case. Likely the collateral damage would be catastrophic and might even rip everyone out of existence.

However, I am not an expert and do not know what would happen for sure. But you can be assured that it would be bad, and not the good kind of bad.

With regard to Prakktos, he does not need your immediate help, but their will come a time when he does. I am sent here to aid you in your travels and be the go-between for the dragons.

Oh yes, and I am called Keyth.



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